Health & Safety

To ensure that children’s well-being is taken care of, it is important that a safe and hygienic environment is maintained at all times in our Centre.


Staff are always concerned with your child’s well-being, so if you are aware of any intended absence please inform the Centre Manager and staff.


Every effort is made to ensure your child’s safety and wellbeing. A wide range of policies and procedures are available to view and parents are encouraged to ask the Centre Manager to look into it.

Emergency and evacuation procedures

In the event of a Civil Defence emergency every effort will be made to contact parents to collect their children. Regular fire and earthquake drills are carried out, and are made enjoyable rather than stressful events for the children. Regular practice of emergency procedures gives the children an opportunity to become familiar with the routine and planned evacuation.

Accidents or injuries

Our staff hold current First aid certificates which are updated regularly. Any accident, incident will be recorded in the accident book. Please ensure that you sign this when you collect your child, to acknowledge that you have been informed. If the accident requires medical attention, you will be phoned as soon as possible. The Centre will seek medical advice for your child, if required.

Illness and unwell children

Maintaining a healthy environment is very important at our Centre. Please keep your children at home if they are unwell e.g. green mucous, vomiting or diarrhoea. If the illness is infectious they are expected to stay at home until the infectious period is over. Details of infectious diseases and quarantine requirements are displayed in the Centre. The Centre Manager reserves the right to send home or refuse attendance to any child who is considered ill/unwell. Children who become unwell at our Centre will be comforted and isolated while waiting to be collected. Parents or caregivers will be called to pick up their unwell children.


Please advise the staff if your child is taking any medication. All medicines must be kept in the kitchen, and details of the medication and its administration be recorded and signed in the medicine book. You will need to complete a medication administration form each day the medication is required. Staff will only administer medication which is in a correctly labeled container, and has been prescribed specifically for your child by a doctor. Pamol / Paracetamol / Ibuprofen will not be administered as this may mask an illness such as meningitis. Please do not give your child these medications before you come in or at lunchtime.
The Centre keeps a first aid kit, which includes some homoeopathic medications for emergencies such as Arnica. Please advise the Centre Manager if you would prefer these not to be given to your child.


Please supply a photocopy of your child’s immunization certificate or a letter from your doctor as we are required by Early Childhood Regulations to view and maintain your child’s immunization record.