Early Childhood Learning

Many parents often ask why they should send their children to a daycare centre. The answer is pretty simple: doing so helps a child develop in the most holistic manner possible. As a reputable centre of early childhood education in NZ, we apply this in our programmes. At Go Bananas Childcare, we cover these three important aspects:

Physical Growth

Our learning centre for toddlers understands the need for physical development. As such, we include activities that help children strengthen their bones and muscles. But we don’t just ask our children to exercise; instead, we fuse elements of play with it. Through this approach, our children stay healthy and fit whilst having fun.

Mental Development

Of course, it’s important for children to learn about language, maths, and science. Our approach to early childhood education fulfils this, albeit in a different way. We put emphasis on the role of play in learning. Our programme teaches children these areas of the curriculum through fun and engaging activities that stimulate their interest.

Social Interaction

Another great advantage of sending your child to a learning centre for toddlers is the social interaction that happens there. Here at Go Bananas Childcare, for one, we have dramatic play and group time, which help children develop their social skills. With our play-focused approach, your child has the opportunity explore to different situations and people. In effect, it builds a sense of identity and improves self-esteem.

Indeed, early education in a daycare centre supports children’s to holistic development. With programmes that cover these three important aspects, you – as a parent – can be sure that your child grows physically, mentally, and socially fit.

If you want to know more about Go Bananas Childcare, browse through the website, send us a message, or visit one of our centres in Frankton, Rimu Street, or Horotiu.